Project 365 people are crazy.  One picture every day, two pages a week, for an entire year.  It makes me hyperventilate just thinking about it.  But as I was browsing through galleries of people's work, I realized that it could be kind of fun...kind of...if you could find the time.  I figured that I write in a family journal every Sunday which I will print out eventually.  Why not make it cute by including pictures and making it a Project 52? Well, Rachel, because it would be crazy...seriously CRAZY.  Don't even think about it!

Anyways, what I really love about Project 365/52/24 layouts is that they include lots of writing and lots of pictures.  And they still look cute.  I always have the problem of having too many pictures and too much to say.  These layouts give me inspiration, even if I'm just doing a Project 1 layout. Here are some I found today:
i love the candid shots grouped together at the top and the road trip combo
woah. she combined a clean style with a slightly messy style on the same page. and it works!
bright colors and clean
look at how many photos she fit on without it looking busy!!!! seriously, this will be my next baby book.
doilies, washi tape edges, clean style. love it
I hope that inspires you! And you don't have to put them in real or digital plastic dividers (although Valorie Wibbens makes really cute ones).  Here's a layout I did copying a Project 365 type.
kit: jenn barrette's blue skies font: my own topher and the deck
Don't forget to get the freebies on Oscrap's birthday blog hop!  Start at Also, just came out with another cute 2 page monthly layout.
3/26/2012 11:13:43 am

I LOVE how yours turned out! I think it's super cute. I always forget that I can put elements behind pictures and stuff. I'm glad you post inspiration too!


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