I'd like to think that I was the originator of the photobooth craze.  I got the idea pre-pinterest, pre-me being on facebook, pre-blog, pre-scrapbooking six years ago as my fiance and I were standing in line for a movie.  I saw a photobooth next to us in the theater and I had the brillant idea to do photobooth pictures for our engagement pictures to be sent out with the invitations.  Now it isn't such a novel idea because everyone who is anyone has a photobooth at their reception, but I still like to believe I was the first. ;) 
Photo strips are easy ways to incorporate lots of photos onto one page.  Especially if you have kids like me and you end up taking a bagillion pictures in a row to capture movement and smiles and then end up using all of them because gosh dang it, your kid is the cutest kid EVER. There are lots of things for sale to help you out, but you can always create your own using my how to create your own template tutorial. Click on the photos below to see the original link.
proof. the strip was included in the invitation sent out for our wedding. Need to do a better page with it.
strips used to show action
minimalist but cute. I saved this one a long time ago too. don't know where it is from. oscraps??
use photo strips as a block to show facial expression change
I don't like her frames, they are too simple and boring compared to the excellence that is the rest of the page. I would have done them in a different color. But I like her strip placement.
I can't find the link for this one. I saved it a long time ago. I love it for so many reasons-the title behind, the color, the banner, the cut out blocks...
another one of mine. you can use strips as part of a collage
sahlin studio just put these for sale. may be worth buying when they go on sale
when you need to use lots of pictures without it looking too cluttered
the minimalist look-love the broken up photos that slightly change
this is mine, an example of photo strips in block form. see, I have a problem cutting photos
don't love the colors or kit from this page, but the photo strips are funny and well placed
this {yawn] boring one is mine. I like the strip, but that's pretty much it. I think I'm going to split the text and move the strip down the page.
don't like the background paper, but I like the emphasis on the strip
these were just put up for sale. easy to copy. hint, hint.

other inspiring news...

Sweet Shoppe Designs is doing a wonderful thing on Pinterest! They are posting inspiring ideas for layouts and then giving you points for completing layouts from that inspiration.  Read here for more details.  And visit the pinterest board here. Perfect for when you have scrapbooker's block (like writer's block) even if you don't want to do it for points.

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