Earlier this summer my in-laws took my husband and I on an Alaskan cruise for a graduation present.  I know, awesome graduation gift.  Anyways, how do you thank someone for a gift like that?  I decided to scrap all of our pictures and print them into a book to give them.  I wanted to try to use the same kit for the entire book for flow purposes.  Also to prove that it could be done.   I love how it turned out!  It is the first time that I could say that I actually made/drew an entire scrapbook all on my own (except for the font-High Fiber, and one template from Shabby Princess).  The cover was my favorite!  I love drawing on my tablet in Illustrator!
my cover

woodland adventure kit.

This kit works for anything outside (all those summer camping trips or playing in the backyard) plus it will be perfect for fall photos.  And it's another kit that is boy-friendly.  Two in a row-hooray for me!  I kind of skimped on the elements, sorry, but I ran out of ideas.  If you have a suggestion of something you need, feel free to shoot me an email with your request! (chocolate2550@yahoo.com)
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This post is a continuation of the article found HERE.  To see real layouts using this trend, visit this article HERE. This post covers:
cutting text out of splatter
cutting shapes out of splatter
cutting splatter out of shapes
cutting splatter out of text

cutting splatter out of shapes

1. paint splatter

Make sure that you always paint on a new layer!
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I finally finished another free kit for y'all!  I'm averaging one kit a season, which I think is pretty good for a beginner designer with a toddler.  It's all summer, beach, and surfing, but you can use it for anything.  And for once, I designed something that y'all can use for your boys too.  My husband is a surfer and misses the ocean terribly.  The California Dreamin' kit is dedicated to him.  (He was very picky about my surfboards. I finally stopped asking him if they looked okay.)

Download links (you must click all of them to get the entire kit)
--Elle Designs is now Citrus and Mint so find the links at www.citrusandmint.weebly.com--

A simple layout I did with it.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!
I'm baaaaack! Well, kind of. We are still getting settled, but the crazy moving/vacation month is over. It's sad, but at the same time we are ready for some normal life again. I have nothing free to give you yet, but I hope to soon.  I got Illustrator online classes for my birthday so once I'm done with those I'll be a master graphic designer---haha, I wish.  Today's inspiration happens to come from the same scrapbooker.  I pinned each of these layouts at different times and when I put together this article, I noticed that Amber R created both.  It must be her signature style. :) Notice how in both of the layouts below, she cuts out some pictures to extend beyond the box.  She also splits pictures between two or more boxes.  Different and fun!  As always, click on the pictures to find the original source.
By Amber R
By Amber R
I loved the last one so much that I scrap-lifted it and created my own layout below. My daughter will one day hate me for posting pictures of her swimming without a swimsuit, but I will remind her then that she refused to wear one.  For a tutorial on cutting out pictures, click here.  Send me any layouts that you do with this cut out style!
Foam Stamp Alpha-Sahlin Studio, word art and sun-Allison Pennington, background paint and splatters and sequins-Sahlin Studio's Life's a Beach, papers-Persnickity Prints
I got the Nordstrom catalog in the mail this week.  Talk about inspiration!  I love that color is in season! (I am a color gal.  Case in point: I only own one black shirt and no white shirts at all.) Plus you don't have to spend a million to get the spring look--Target has caught onto the trend and has tons of really cute colorful clothes, shoes, jewelry, dishes, etc.  When I saw the above title in the Nordstrom catalog I loved it. I thought I would copy it by making a scrapbooking alpha and post it for y'all to download.  It will eventually become part of a spring kit that I'm working on right now!  There are full alpha sets for each of the 8 colors.  I hate it when designers do multicolored alphas, but don't include all colors for each letter so I usually get two letters in the title that are the same color and next to each other.  No problems with that here.  Also remember to subscribe to email updates so you don't miss a freebie!  Check back in on Monday for layout inspiration!
_Download the alpha sets here.
_Download the font used to create the alphas here. Thank you Fontfabric for free CU fonts!
I also just discovered that Scrap Orchard puts new free templates up each week on their blog.  This is this week's free template. Perfect for when you are stuck in a scrapbooking rut.

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