Finally, an all boy kit........designed especially for my daughter. Yep, that's right. My two year old daughter is OBSESSED with anything train. Thomas the Train is her best friend--actually, Billy is her favorite even if he happens to also be the creepiest with his crazy eyes and buck teeth (look him up if you don't believe me). She calls Thomas and Friends "colored choo choo" hence the name of the kit. I love how it turned out (makes me think twice about maybe trying to sell kits). I hope you enjoy!

**A note about the elements: They are supposed to be small, like toys. Please do not enlarge these beyond the original size. They will not look good.**
Use the eraser or shape tool to "punch" out the date
As always I love to hear from you! Comments, suggestions, questions, just leave a reply!
As you know, everything created by Elle Designs is for personal use only (i.e. basically you can use them for free for projects that you do not receive money for). However, I have recently received emails requesting permission to use my designs to create commercial products. I have decided that I will offer limited commercial use licenses for approved small businesses. I have researched this thoroughly and am happy with the prices and terms of use. If you have any questions, please email me at

Single Kit Commercial Use License

$15.00 per kit, never expires. This license must be purchased for EACH kit you want to use, even if you only use one paper or element from the kit.

12 Month Commercial Use License

$75.00 for use of all kits created within a 12 month period. License would need to be renewed after the 12 months are up if use of the products was to be continued.

Terms of Use for CU Licenses

-Designs may ONLY be used to create custom cards, layouts, blogs, websites, and invitations for your clients provided that they only receive final, flattened versions of the product (i.e. no psd files, no individual papers/elements files, etc).
-Individual designs may NOT be sold or given as is in printed or digital form. They must be incorporated into a design that is predominantly your own. They may NOT be used to create digital scrapbooking kits/products.
-No credit is required, but appreciated. You may not claim these graphics as your own either in their original state, or in an altered state.
-Not to be used for mass production (excess of 500 copies) without permission.

*Prices and terms are subject to change.

Application for CU License

If you are interested in purchasing a small business commercial use license, email the information below to Payment should be made using the PayPal buttons on the sidebar, but only AFTER you have received an email stating that you have been approved by me. Once I receive payment I will email you a copy of the license agreement.

Full Name:

Business Name:



Phone Number:


Briefly describe the intended use for the products:

List products you wish to purchase a license for and the type of license you wish to buy:
Wow, it's already been a year since I started this site! Originally I just wanted a place to put up occasional freebies and give advice on how to start digital scrapbooking, but my love for design has really taken off!  My brain is exploding with ideas for kits (but sadly my free time and skill level cannot keep up). I'm planning on another great year!

This is the first kit that I deliberately tried to make gender neutral. I tried out 5 completely different color palettes until I finally decided that it's impossible to create a good looking kit without some kind of pink. So it ended up being a hybrid kit. There are boy papers and elements, and girl papers and elements. Or you can mix and match. It's still a tad on the cutesy side--I'll work on bringing out the tough boy designs in the future. Enjoy!

    about elle designs.

    I'm not really a designer, just a digital scrapbooker who wants to encourage others to scrapbook by sharing my  finds and creations.  For free.

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